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Sadhana International (P.) Ltd. Was formed on 2007 A.D. as one of the Nepalese manpower recruiting agency in Nepal. The license registration no. of the company is 715/064/065 issued simultaneously under the Government of Nepal, ministry of Labor. Since its inception, it has been standing one of the leading reputed agencies by its quality service to overseas clients as well as Nepalese workers. It has a capacity of providing all kinds of Skilled, Semiskilled and Unskilled labor according to the need of employers companies.


Where The Story Begins

Zero Cost

Recruitment Opportunity


Dedication And Commitment


Our Zero Cost Recruitment Journey Begins


Diverse Sector Job Opportunities


Recruitment Without Using Agent Or Middleman


Our Mission is to provide the best resourcing solutions through fully understanding, communicating and meeting the needs of our clients, candidates and colleagues


  1. To continue to be a caring employer striving to provide a secure future in return for full commitment
  2. To create an environment where professionalism, friendliness, openness, honesty and mutual support flourish
  3. To contribute in a positive manner to the Human Resources and Recruitment Industry
  4. To ensure that the fit between client and company can direct meet the requirements of both stakeholders,


  1. Respect and value the input of individuals whether they be employees, candidates or clients,
  2. Respect and understand the cultural values of our clients and candidates,
  3. To contribute, support and be part of our community

Our Guiding


The systematic procedure and work flow makes our work efficient and accurate. There is very minimal, or no chance of missing any of the procedures as we work in this systematic order.


We follow the industry’s highest ethical standards and operate in a transparent and trustworthy manner.


We are guided by reality based on facts. As a result, realization makes us aware of our failures and allows us to learn from them.


Everyone is loved and cared for, and we treat them as equals. It has a huge impact on the way we work.


We believe in working together as a team. We encourage our members to share their skills, knowledge, and experience with other members of the team.


We always follow through on our commitments. We will never cut products when it comes to providing excellent service to our customers.


By keeping the policy, rules and norms of Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) at the highest level, we are providing the opportunity to the people who want to go for foreign employment in a fair and zero cost without any discrimination according to their skills, abilities and qualifications.
Therefore, we are committed to complete the ethical recruitment process by following RBA. along the national and international laws, rules and norms related to foreign employment.

Message from Chairman

First of all,

We would like to introduce Sadhana International (P.) Ltd. As one of the prominent and flourishing manpower agencies in Nepal. Precisely enough, the Sadhana International (P.) Ltd. has enlisted itself on the list of very few eminent manpower agencies in this beautiful Himalayan Country.

It is nothing but honest and sincerity on the part of the agencies and that Sadhana International (P.) Ltd. Has been recognized all over as one of the

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